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PBL Multiple Activation Bypass System

The PBL Multiple Activation Bypass System is a simple, reliable tool that can assist you in reducing drilling costs associated with different types of hole conditions. Originally developed to enable the pumping of LCM materials and to increase circulation rates, the PBL has evolved to benefit many applications in the drilling, completion and workover phases.


Drilling Mode


Vinyl Activation Ball


Open Position



Steel De-Activation Balls

Dropped & Pumped Down


Ball Sheared Through Seat

Tool Reset

Drilling Mode



Reducing Torque, Drag & Casing Protection

WWT Non-Rotating Protectors™ (NRP) are the world’s most widely used mechanical drill-string torque and friction reducer applicable in various well types to optimize energy delivery to bit by significantly reducing torque, drag, casing and riser wear, heat checking and buckling.  Often referred to a "drill pipe rubbers" our NRP solution provides one of the most efficient solutions for reducing drill string torque and protecting casing and drill pipe.


Stand-off between the drill-pipe and wellbore to prevent casing wear, riser wear, and heat-checking – casing integrity
Sliding and rotating friction factor reduction - torque and drag reduction
OCTG Protection & abrasion reduction
Robust but drillable design proven in the world’s harshest and most challenging wells – proven product
Comprehensive torque and drag analysis provided with all potential applications – T&D expertise
Safe and fast installation offline or online without adding connections - safety
Compatible with oil-based, synthetic based, and water-based mud systems - compatibility
Cased and open-hole capabilities – longer bit runs
Placement flexibility for BOP space-out - safety
Secure installation preventing slippage in high side-force and MPD operations - reliable
On/off-site technical support and direction - experience
30 years of knowledge and experience focused on continual improvement in product design and field operations – customer driven

WWT Non-Rotating Protectors™ are installed on the drill pipe and create a standoff, effectively isolating the drill string while preventing damage to critical contact areas of the casing and riser. The NRP assembly consists of a low friction advanced polymer sleeve and two aluminum collar clamps that hold the assembly in place to optimize drilling performance.


The WWT FlexShoe TM (FLX) is a guide shoe that can flex around dog-legs, past ledges, and over soft formations to help casing reach bottom under a variety of difficult conditions. The patented design provides a strong, durable guide shoe that can reduce loads at the bottom of the casing by 80%.  The technology used to design the FLX tool is driven by our customers need to implement a tool that improves the casings path to the wellbore.


Use the FlexShoe to help guide large diameter casing through trouble zones or through build sections with inclinations above 40 degrees.
Use with any size casing when running through severe dog-legs.
Use on ERD or horizontal wells to prevent buckling or hanging up casing in the build and lateral sections to increase run efficiency.
Use the FlexShoe with any one of WWT’s other guide shoes to effectively run casing in almost any wellbore condition.
Use the FlexShoe to get casing to the bottom.
Improve operational costs by reducing time spent running casing through long laterals.

Drilling Solutions - Wellbore Conditioning

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GunDRILL Reamer

The GunDRILL Reamer acts as a smart stabilizer integrated into the drilling BHA.


Improves hole shape, smoothness and wellbore quality.
Reduces risk associated with borehole instability.
Proven to increase ROP and MSE efficiency across the drillstring.

TorqAVENGER Roller Reamer

The TorqAVENGER roller reamer provides stabilization by centralizing the BHA.


Minimizes downhole lateral and torsional vibrations and reduces BHA fatigue.
Provides efficient reaming for borehole size and shape adjustment.
Eliminates ledges, tortuosities and micro doglegs with efficiency.
Reduces NPT during POOH by backreaming more efficiently than conventional stabilizers.

Roller GunDRILL Reamer

The Roller GunDRILL Reamer combines the customer benefits of both the GunDRILL Reamer and the TorqAVENGER.


Improves wellbore quality.
Reduces casing/completion running times.
Minimizes torque and helps mitigate stick-slip.
Smoothes out fluctuations and unanticipated wellbore response.